Sunday, May 6, 2012

Puppy Love

me with babe

Have always wanted to have pictures with a puppy  and therefore I couldn't resist  the chance  when  my friend adopted a puppy two week ago. So here I am posing with the friendly puppy named babe  and having a doggie fun time at my friend's house. I got licked and nibble at my legs as if  to say i love adorable, clever and cute babe...I miss you already.

Check out this website if you are interested in adopting a pet or if you want to put  a pet up for adoption  -


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brooks Half Marathon 2012

11th March, 2012

Venue : National Stadium Bukit Jalil
Distant : 21km

 Before the start of the run @ 5.15am

 Race starting time was supposed to be 5.30 am but  was  8 minutes behind schedule. Can you spot me running beside H?

Bib collected at Brooks The Curve

Another medal!

Goodies bag and the mystery gift.

1st HM for the year.  Didn't get the Pb I first intended  but nonetheless enjoyed the run and loved the route.

Upon signing up, knee was still good. Then during training knee felt not good and not the same anymore. *funny & cute...right?* I do not have this problem earlier. But still I went there and felt daunted with doubt in mind whether I can finish the 21km. Left knee was acting up on me and  I took every step cautiously as not to push myself and over strain my left knee.  With that in mind my goal was to finish the run and forget about the PB. Felt pain now and then *ouch* but nothing too serious to give up, just slowed down and  shifted more weight on my  right good leg. As a result of that, my right calf muscle was most painful for a couple of days ... sigh.

Finished I did.

What I will remember most.....

* My first time inside National Stadium Bukit Jalil ;)
* Did not overtake my running partner H at any point during the run as I always  did :(
* Many angry and impatient motorist honking :(
* Seeing the break of dawn at 10km mark :)
* Many photographers took pictures as we ran inside the stadium towards the finish  line...sure felt glamour for awhile heheh... ;)
* My 1st run with a knee pain :( I know...should go and see doctor lah
* Left the place missing my previous 'good' knee...where did it go? :(

Am I giving up running? Nope. Not just yet  and my brand new Brooks Ravenna 3 confirms it! Fits very nicely and comfy. Am itching to try it out at the next run which gonna be....

Friday, February 24, 2012


3rd February, 2012

Have you ever seen a pineapple plant before? No...I have to admit I haven't seen how a fully matured pineapple grows. It is a very rear sight for me.. at least. Loved the fruit but  doesn't have the slightest idea of how to grow it. A visit to a friend's house changed all that. More often than not, in general, we know the fruits but seldom know how the tree looks like until we see the fruits hanging from that particular tree.Then you would wish you could reach out and pluck it only that its not belong to you and you might get a real nice scolding from the owner.

Anyway, back to the pineapple plant.

 My friend's pineapple - Josapine pineapple

Never  seen a pineapple grown in a flower pot in a garden before like this one. And according to her, it took 3 years for it to grow that big. Wow. That's a long long time and I admired her patience. She has two of em.

Envy, I decided to plant my own. The pasar malam fruit seller was kind enough to give me 2 thorny parts of the fruit and I bought a packet of black soil as fertilizer and very own Josapine in a flower pot in my very mini garden. Two of em also heheh...

Looking good and  just need a little (or lots of) patience and counting the days to see the fruits of my labour. Or in other words..."ong lai lai lai" or "ong mali mali"
Guaranteed juicy & sweet and pack with copper, fiber, manganese, thiamin, vitamin B6 & C.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Otto Hutt Dragon Back Run

1st January, 2012

Venue : Kelab Penembak Bandar Di Raja Klang
Distant : 15KM

One of the toughest route with 8 big hills and not counting the slopes but I managed to conquer it all and survived to write it hahah... Tough and yet challenging at the same strategy was to walk uphill and run downhill. Envied those who can run up hill effortlessly. Taking one hill at a time, with rubbery legs, after each hill it left me breathless and counting on my knees to steady me...and taking a deep breath before climbing the next one.  The road is long and straight and after one hill the next one is in sight. One hill at a time, I can do it, the end is near...that was my mantra...phewww!!!

It was quite lonely at first, not until a familiar rear sight caught my eyes...You guessed it right...caught up with Herman at 6km. Asked him as always..."What happen to you?". Actually, he was having an energy bar and had some near cramp episode and thus had to walk...The qualifying time given was 3 hrs. Plenty of time and no pressure to finish fast...So the rest of the km was done running, walking and chatting, huffing and puffing. 

At the finish line, Azza was there waiting for me and gave me a "high 5". Appreciated the   moral support. You did swell!

Every time I see a hill, I changed to walking mode. Lacking of leg power, stamina are some of the reasons. So, my resolution for this year 2012 is to run uphill instead of walking. This is my personal challenge. Can I do it?

 The NB shoe and the lucky no. that won him the grand prize. The price tag is RM299.00

Two weeks ago Herman fell down at Malakoff and got an early Christmas and New Year ang pow. This time  the fate changed and was so lucky to have won the grand prize for the lucky draw. Definitely a good way to start the new year and I hope all things good will follow thru out 2012. Unfortunately, the shoe doesn't fit and the sponsored items are not exchangeable. Looks like we have to look for a buyer who wears size US 6 1/2.  Wonder why don't they give NB vouchers instead?

First finisher medal and certificate for the year. Nice and I loved it!

Happy New Year. Hope 2012 will be a good year for my family, friends and everyone. Peace on earth and hope no natural disaster :)


Friday, December 30, 2011

A Fabulous Christmas

26th December, 2011

Had a fabulous Christmas with The Mersey Beatles. They gave us an awesome performance and brought back great memories of The Beatles, one of the famous  band from Liverpool. Loved all their songs and grew up with it. Great crowd - clapping and dancing along, great energy.

Among some of the songs are Help!, Yellow Submarine, Sergent Pepper Lonely Heartclub Band, Hey Jude, Eight Days A Week, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Twist and Shout, Please Please Me, All My Loving, Love Love Me Do, Yesterday and many more...

Enjoyed every moment and sang my heart out till my voice gone hoarse.

It was indeed FANTASTIC!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Malakoff 12km

18th December, 2011

Venue : Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort, K.L

This was  our 1st Malakoff run and we managed to squeeze in one last run before the year exit 2011. We expected it to be hilly but  I always reminded myself that surely there is nothing more brutal than the meru hill and besides will take this challenge as part of our training for the upcoming dragon back run on 1.1.12...the rolling killer hills of meru aha!

It was 5.15 a.m when we reached the venue and having found a parking spot at the roadside, we could now relaxed and took a short nap, put our running gears on and I even had my breakfast of bread in the car which was quite hard to swallow so early with plain water...(had milo earlier at home)...

Next we walked down towards the clubhouse and looked for the international sign which was the toilet...and a long queue awaited us...and we thought we were early...Anyway, walked further down to the start/finish line and around the vicinity. Had sampling of nestle finesse cornflakes and powerbar...again I find it difficult to swallow it this early...

Didn't had a good night sleep last night probably because of an overloading of dim sum which was very salty and then later for dinner a plate of fried kuey teow ... salty also...what happen I don't know...could be the cook not in a good mood! Anyway, told Herman its our substitute for ORS to avoid cramp for tomorrow run hehehee...

Then waited for the start off time and there were no one to warm us up and apparently we have to do our own warm up session...somehow I felt the atmosphere was lacking of excitement...or was it me?

The run began at 7a.m for women and 7.10a.m for men. I paced myself but only for about 300m, then its was uphill right up to the main road in which I walked. The  loop began from the main road. There were 2 big uphill task along Jalan Beringin, Bukit Damansara and  we have to do a  2nd loop and face both hills again. Running downhill was a breeze with no brakes. Uphill was torturous even just by walking and still managed somehow.

Collected the goodie bag and after which I had fried mee and tau foo fah for breakfast while waited for my partner. Wonder what was taking him so long???

Finally he called and said he had a fall. I hope it was nothing serious. Only about a month ago, he tripped while jogging...OMG...not again. I now know why I had a bad feeling on the way here and wanted to tell him to cancel it.

Anyhoo...this was his story and created history at Malakoff..."I slipped on the sandy bump and knew I was going to fall and tried to steady myself but still lost my balance and fall hard to the ground. Luckily a chinese couple who were near behind helped me up and asked me if I was ok or not. Said I am ok and continued running to the finish line with the couple behind me...and immediately went for medical aid. Malu only they were video taping me at the same time. I am going to claim my PA insurance"

Injuries sustained on the right palm and right knee after the nasty fall. Except for the palm, the knee was injured again at the same spot while jogging a month ago...

He skipped the breakfast. Left the place and drove straight to a clinic in Klang. The doc gave him a jab and 2 weeks of medical leave. Herman said "This is an early Christmas gift and New Year angpow. Everything happen for a reason, I know myself...think positive" Well...good thing he had PA insurance.

The finisher medal

I wish him speedy recovery as the dragon back run is around the corner soon.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We Run KL 10K

27th November, 2011

Venue : Padang Merbok, K.L

This year the route was much more interesting as we ran through historical places of Kuala Lumpur. Along the routes, we passed by Parliment Negara, Muzium Negara, Little India, KL Sentral, Masjid Negara,  Tugu Negara and back to the finish line at Padang Merbok. It's a great and fun way to know KL thru this kind of event.

The finisher item. Cool, Cute & Chic Pen drive

At first I was not keen on signing up for this event but changed my mind after seeing the nice tee shirt..I liked it.

Then I was not keen on running on that day cos no doubt I will get  a finisher toy like last year...I disliked it.

But not bad at all this time to have a pen drive after we crossed the finish line...I loved it.

Now I will join this event every year! Just do it.

Gonna store all my running medal, running photos and all things running in this cutest pen drive.